Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Self -reflective

I’ve writing my diary since I was young, dozens of diary books are laying on my book shelf. They are my friends that have been through all the moments and memories in my life, whether happy or sad. I like to write, but I can never define myself as a good writer. It’s because I don’t feel confident about my writings especially sharing with others. From my diary, I even thought writings are individual; they go through people’s heart and are shown as their emotions and thoughts. From all the writing classes I took before this course, my writings were just like my diaries, they were only for showing to the teachers to get a good grade. Honestly, I was pretty comfortable to stay a world just like that. However, I didn’t even expect a writing class could be like this. At the beginning of the class, I was kind of afraid about posting my writings on the blog. It was all about the confident that I had for myself. But right now, we are getting close to the final of this course, through all the works we’ve done, actually I realized it wasn’t a bad way to do it. It has not only given me the processes for how to be a better writer, but also the attitude to my writings and the people who read my writings.
My attitude of writing has changed is the most important advantage that I have to point out. It should attribute to use the blog to post our writing assignments. Using blog to post writing assignments is a totally public resource that has been used for this class, which means everyone could see each other’s work. There are lots of benefits we can get from blog. We have kind of discussed those benefits in the
post 2. Through this processes, I started to spend more time during my writing because I want my topic or my idea to be interesting to my classmates or even to everyone who has seen my blog. Also, I started to pay attention to all the comments that have been posted under my writing; it’s a good way to know how other people think about your writing, and how to take those comments to approve a better writing.
I think a good writing work takes time; it needs to be thoughtful and interesting. Through all the writing assignments that I have done during this course, I have discovered some writing strategies that I have learned from my own writing.
The way I would define for a “good writer” is how to be clear with your statements. How to create interesting ideas into your writing; and how to grab audience’s attention quickly at the beginning of your writing. The best writing work that I have done would be the
“Observational essay--Distance".
Also, I have found some simple but important steps for my writing (it might work for others as well)
1. Find a topic
2. Research, gather information
3. Organize the information
4. Clear topic
5. Edit thoughts and insert them into paragraphs.
6. Introduction and conclusion
7. Read and reread the writing
Topic is the soul of writing. A good topic determines the most important element of a good work.
Through researches, all the information and evidence that you’ve found must be close and helpful to prove your topic.
Organize the information is the way to pick the best evidences that can support your writing. Those evidences have to be powerful to your writing.
Edit your thoughts into the writing is next important step, that’s how you think about your topic as a writer to the audience.
Introduction has to be interesting because this is the place where you have catch audience’s attention. This is the key of your writing.
Conclusion is a place where should have the effect to gather your writing up to your focal point. It attaches with your introduction and even your topic.
Read and reread the writing is the chance to correct some writing errors, such as grammars, spellings, and words choosing.
During this course, my writing has definitely developed by doing all the assignments and practices that we’ve done inside of the class. Like when we were discussing the “destroyed room”, I learned lots of strategies about how to actually observe an object, and from that point, how to develop your imaginations to what you’ve seen. From that “destroyed room” model, I created my own writing about the same topic
—“Calvin Klein- the definition of sexy” and “Post #11-photograph”.
There are some lots of things that I need to work on, especially with the English grammars and spelling.
All in all, thank you, Josh, and a big hug to myself for all the works I’ve done for this semester. Have fun in the summer, everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rhetorical analysis-- war is over

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, and the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”
-----Dwight Eisenhower

People always say that great victory has great sacrifice. There are lots of people who are died in the war every year. However, have they ever awakened your conscience or your compassion about how the wars truly are? This video would give you a great view how war or death destroy those innocent people’s life. Therefore, who would feel guilty for all of this?
John Lennon and Yoko Ono wrote this in their New York City hotel room and recorded it during the evening of October 28 and into the morning of the 29th 1971 at the Record Plant in New York. It was released in the US for Christmas.”
“John and Yoko spent a lot of time in the late’60s and early ‘70s working to promote peace. In 1969, they put up billboard advertisements in major cite around the world that said, “War is over! (If you want it!)” Two years later this became the basis for this song when Lennon decided to make a Christmas record with an anti-war massage.”
The people who like the song “Happy Christmas (war is over)” describe themselves as friendly, kind, and shy. It’s connected with the meaning of the song- be friendly and be kind to the world. “And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year is over, and a new one just begun....” John Lennon has described a special Christmas to every audience and the listener. It leads us to a world which is filled with violence, fire, and death. It’s a world that we have never been, that is a world that with hopeless future.

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It has gathered my attention at the beginning of the video, there are pairs of pure eyes were looking at the camera. Different faces were shown front of the camera, but with the same expression. I was touched even at the beginning of the video, especially with John Lennon’s tone as the background music. A young boy is sitting in the hospital’s bed; his eyes are filled with fears: not only about what he just went through, also what going to happen in the unknown future. His left hand is clasping his dad’s who still has tears on the face...... An old father is crying without control, his son has just died in the fire......Hundreds of people are running, there is a tank unit behind them......There are countless dead bodies are still lying on the side of streets. A dad who still has his baby in arm is one of them......A little boy gives a “peace” sign to the camera when he is in the military truck..... Two boys are playing in a meadowland which is filled with mines...... A lady is putting a flower at where her husband was died...... This entire video considers to the aspects of the victims during wars. Christmas is the most important holiday to everyone. Like what we all know, we celebrate Christmas as the happiest time in the year. We spend Christmas time with family, sharing presents, eat dinner together. It’s simple but also a significant of the human society. However, the people who are in the war can never have a Christmas like what we do. The factors of Christmas should be happiness, amiability, and peace; it should be the time which is without violence, tears, and fears. Like what John Lennon singed in the song “another year is over, and a new one just begun”, their goal was trying to tell the audiences “war is over” by saying “another year is over”. In addition, it sets the topic off (anti- war) by saying “Happy Christmas” and “war is over”. Christmas is the sign of the war’s ending, it also gave to hopes to everyone that war will be over after “Christmas”.
These are just some episodes in the war, but it also shows us a different side of life. A totally dissimilar underworld than where we live. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said at the end of the video: “An eye for an eye will make us all blind.” We always say “the eye is the mind window”, what the “window” has showed for us is the darkness of the world.“War” is still a sensitive topic for us. But living in a peace world,little by little, we might already forgot what violence world could be, especially for the young generations like us, “War” is something we haven’t been through. We always complain about how discontented we feel about our lives, such and such, however, we haven’t realized there are some people who don’t even have a place to live, who might die anytime under fire, who might lost their family in a split second, who don’t even know where they will be tomorrow. We should understand how grateful to live in a peaceful world if you are touched by looking at those pure eyes. Also, please pray for them for having a happy Christmas and happy life.

Ps: I think there is a color can best describe this video. Blue. Blue is a very emotional color. It can be electric. Cool and spiritual, but it can also be sad, dark and calm. Blue can use its power to change the world, but requires a great deal of persistence to harness its power, I think that would be the responsibility for each one of us.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

final weekly writing assignment 2

I think everyone knows the news about Virginia Tech, it has been shown on the television since it happened. It's the worst school gun shot in the American history.
There is more information about Virginia Tech.

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Virginia Tech police and administrators struggled to explain late Monday why the campus was not locked down after a deadly shooting earlier in the day, and why students were in classrooms two hours later when a lone gunman entered a campus building and slaughtered 30 people, before turning a gun on himself.
The man responsible for murdering 32 people — the worst mass-murder shooting in American history — who carried no ID, remained unidentified late Monday, police said.
By the end of the spree, 33 people, including the gunman, were dead and authorities warned the toll could rise because several more were critically injured.
Students complained that there were no public-address announcements or other warnings on campus after the first burst of gunfire that left two dead. They said the first word they received from the university was an e-mail more than two hours into the rampage — around the time it is believed that the gunman struck again.
University President Charles Steger said authorities believed that the shooting at the dorm was a domestic dispute and mistakenly thought the gunman had fled the campus.
"We had no reason to suspect any other incident was going to occur," Steger said.

here to view more information about Virginia Tech on FOX news.

final weekly writing assignment

this is the final weekly post! As a free writing assignment, I would like to share some of the famous quotes with our class.

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The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
Groucho Marx (1890-1977)

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here first.
Mark Twain [Samuel Langhornne Clemens] (1835-1910)

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and THEN do your best.
W. Edwards Deming

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain [Samuel Langhornne Clemens] (1835-1910)

There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it.
Christopher Darlington Morley (1890-1957)

Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.
James R. Cook

Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.
Chinese proverb

The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing and to watch somebody else doing it wrong, without comment.
T. H. White

Every really new idea looks crazy at first.
Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)

The important thing is never to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007

the moral of "Absolute"

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If you don’t know “absolute”, you wouldn’t know what the moral behind this ad. Absolute, like one of the most popular alcohol drink in America, it’s famous, fascinating, also the best choice for an alcoholic. But this ad has given us a different meaning of “absolute”. The rhetorical strategy that the ad implements is how to define “how can absolute ends an alcoholic’s life”, by using the shape of absolute drink’s bottle as a hanging rope. The shape of the bottle is also a sign to all the alcoholic who see the ad, telling them drinking alcohol is the way to death. From our comment sense, we know the shape of a hanging rope can never be a shape of an absolute drink bottle. But we all know the rope could end people’s life, this ad is telling the audience that drinking can also end people’s life just like the rope. This ad looks simple enough, however it gives every audience a strong sense of how harmful the alcohol drink can be to ruin your life. The type of appeals the ad employs is pathos. This ad “attempts to put the audience into a particular emotional state so that the audience will be receptive to and ultimately convinced” by the ad’s message. Also, I think this ad has a great connection with another ad.

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It’s also a shape of absolute bottle, but this time it appears at the scene of a crime. The shape of the bottle is the shape of the dead body. I think it has a similar moral like the first one.

Click here to view this Ad.

Calvin Klein- the definition of sexy

Calvin Klein has set sexy as one of their characteristics for underwear products. Usually people think about sexy as showing some private body parts, unlike that, this advertisement has given me a different way to think about for being sexy. In this particular image, everything seems sexy, such as her post, her expression, even her simple white underwear. A dark grey color has set off the atmosphere of its background, as well as comparing with the color of her underwear. (Personally, I always think black & white photos can give audience a stronger impression, also for describing details.)

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The model puts her hand up under her shirt, one finger touches her lips lightly, and her eyes are covered with hair. Although it’s hard to see the expression, however, it still makes her looks sexy in anyways. Gathering all the elements inside of the ad, it has effectively lay stress on the key point—sexy appeal. Furthermore, it is appropriate for being a successful advertisement. The text—“Calvin Klein” has been put at the center of the ad, it looks like a lip stick writing on the mirror. (once again points out a such sexy appeal belongs to “Calvin Klein”) I think there is some kind of connection with Logos, such as the statistics of sexy, the facts of sexy, the definitions of sexy, and how people usually think about sexy.